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The difficulties in the development of mobile banking don’t always refer to code writing. They may happen as well while implementing the engineering practices that allow developers to work simultaneously over the project. Let’s view some important practices that may be helpful for the successful development of the project. We summed them up on the basis of various documents, manuals, and technical requirements that had faced during our work.

1. Code quality

There are several steps that have to be taken. First of all, the standards of the source code, best practices, and agreements. For example, SwiftLint to match Code Style in iOS…

The variety of streaming platforms makes many companies think about creating a similar service. Especially when they see the success of similar companies. Why is this development direction so popular and what prospects does it have?

Best Practice

Speaking about a popular streaming platform everybody thinks about Netflix at once. Indeed, this resource has become the most popular and hyped among other online theatres. According to Statista Netflix earned more than 1,86 billion dollars in 2019. And the number of its subscribers reached 167 million users.

Netflix company was established in 1997 in the USA as a store for DVDs. In 2007…

Any developing company sooner or later starts wondering certain questions. How to find a good worker? Should you rely only on hard skills? What role do soft skills play in the recruiting process? Should you believe your personal attitude towards an applicant? These questions bother every HR manager, moreover in the IT-sphere. So today we’re gonna talk about common rules for successful recruiting for your business. Also, we’ll reveal some secrets that we use as well.

Reconsider your Attitude to Recruiting

First of all, every recruiter should understand that an interview is not a lopsided game. …

What should every iOS developer know to work on one of the most popular operating systems? Even if you are a successful iOS developer constant learning of new resources and utilities may drastically improve your performance. If you are a beginner, you may have some difficulties with the attempts to puzzle out a huge quantity of tools.

So, in this article, we will consider the main tools and useful extensions that will help both professionals and beginners and that we use as well.

Programming Languages

There are two languages used in iOS development: Objective-C and Swift. …

What are other measures to fight against Covid-19? Read in our new article!

With the beginning of the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic more and more platforms and resources started to add to their functional opportunities for the fight against coronavirus. We have already written which developments were already created in medicine and virtual tourism. However, there are many other projects in development.

Google Maps against Crowding

The biggest corporation Google decided to expand the functionality of its popular service Google Maps. It announced adding additional information about public places and enterprises in October. …

Virtual reality is used not only in entertainment. Read how it helps to make discoveries in many science spheres!

Virtual reality opens up new horizons to develop projects in many spheres of life. Many companies implement VR to create innovative developments that can bring profit for people. For example, we have already told you about the developments in education and tourism. But the medicine projects are also essential, as they allow fighting against various diseases.

Cells Study in Virtual Reality

The researchers from Cambridge University and Lume VR company has presented a unique project. It allows studying body cells with VR. …

In our blog, we have already discussed the main steps of mobile development, that a client should take into account before ordering a project. But it’s the same important to understand what the team will do and which steps to undertake to release a successful project. In this article, we will consider the most important steps in the development of any mobile project.

Business Analytics

At this step, the team works closely with the client. We specify the idea, requirements, and needs, work on business analytics. What tasks does the client want to solve? Which business models best fit this project? How…

Everybody knows that modern technologies are aimed at assisting in many spheres of life. In our blog, we have already written how the technologies of virtual and augmented reality help in education. However, medicine is no less important sphere. The developments created for its improvement are released quite often. In particular, more and more projects start using the technologies of artificial intelligence. In this article, we’ll consider the most up-to-date developments in medicine and AI.

AI Helps to Define Covid-19 Progress

The main direction of modern technologies is the fight against the epidemic of coronavirus. So, scholars from New York University apply AI methods to analyze…

The process of development always starts with the estimation of the project tasks. It gives an idea of the amount of time to be spent on work. However, task estimation often becomes a stumbling rock for the team of developers and the client. To make this process easier for all, we suggest considering the most effective strategy for project estimation.

Why Do We Need Estimations?

First of all, we should distinguish the estimation of terms and estimations of risks. The first defines when a task will be fulfilled. The second shows how much time will be needed for its testing and bug fixing. We should…

M-commerce has become a new tendency in the sphere of electronic commerce. Mobile commerce allows performing financial transactions via a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with the help of a wireless Internet connection.

Over the last several years a significant increase in the use of mobile devices has been observed. It makes this sphere quite attractive for business. Mobile commerce may become a leading marketing direction. That’s why both big and small companies can benefit from creating their own m-commerce apps.

In our previous article, we have already viewed the most popular m-commerce apps and their basic functions. …


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