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Virtual reality is used not only in entertainment. Read how it helps to make discoveries in many science spheres!

Virtual reality opens up new horizons to develop projects in many spheres of life. Many companies implement VR to create innovative developments that can bring profit for people. For example, we have already told you about the developments in education and tourism. But the medicine projects are also essential, as they allow fighting against various diseases.

Cells Study in Virtual Reality

The researchers from Cambridge University and Lume VR company has presented a unique project. It allows studying body cells with VR. Microscopic data can be visualized in high resolution and separate cell behavior can be analyzed.

Fluorescence microscopy of high quality brought the Nobel prize in chemistry to a group of scientists from German and the USA in 2014. It allows getting the scaled-up images of cells. New approaches allow overcoming optical diffraction and receiving the maximum resolution of images. Thus, the researchers could watch the molecule processes as they happen. However, there used to be the problem of visualizing and analyzing the received data in three-dimensional space.

With the use of VR this problem was solved. As the developers state, this project is a revolutionary software to process images. It will let the researchers interact with 3D images of biological data online, find the answers to global questions faster.

The software allows download a variety of databases with huge data and find patterns in complex data with built-in clusterization algorithms. These findings can be shared with other scientists through images or videos.

The developers assure that this technology will help scientists to solve many fundamental problems in biology and develop new ways to treat diseases. The team is using this project to study neurons, immune, and cancer cells. For example, how antigens react to changes in the immune system. Due to the segmentation and data study in the software they can quickly make new hypotheses and theories.

VR Helps to Overcome Fear

Besides, VR has been used for a long time in physiotherapy to help patients suffering from phobias or even personality disorders. The Bravemind technology was developed in 2005 to treat veterans of the Iraq and Afganistan wars. This treatment approach is called exposure and response prevention. A situation that he had lived through in the war is built-in virtual reality. By analyzing it again and again the militaries stopped experiencing negative emotions and could let the situation go.

Now, this technology is used in 60 medical centers in the world. The doctors are sure that it helps patients to get rid of many psychological problems. Even if they realize that it’s computer graphics, their brain takes the situation for real.

Similar technologies are used in other medicine directions. For example, VR can reduce blood pressure, anxiety, treat diet disorders. Virtual reality is even used now in child delivery. Women are easier to go through this process if some virtual world takes their attention.

Our Projects

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